“Forced to Leave: Exploring the Untold Stories of Departures from Infosys and TCS”

TCS and Infosys forced Resign

“Unveiling Corporate Resignations: Navigating the Dynamics of Forceful Exits at Infosys and TCS” TCS & Infosys Layoff, Forcing Employee to Resign. Infosys offering 4month Salary If you Resign by yourself. Infosys is forcing bench employee to Resign and offering 4months salary. and Narayan Murthy asks employee to work for 70hrs a week. Tata Consultancy Services

How to Email a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Email a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Explain the purpose and importance of emailing a resume in a professional manner. Provide some general tips and best practices for emailing a resume, such as using a clear and concise subject line, addressing the recipient properly, attaching the resume in a suitable format, etc. Preview the main points of the article and state

The Three-Month Notice Period: A Deeper Look into Extended Transition Times

The Three-Month Notice Period

Introduction: In the world of employment, notice periods are an integral part of the hiring process. They provide stability and security to both employees and employers during transitions. While notice periods can vary from company to company, the standard notice period is often one or two months. However, some organizations implement a more extended three-month